Upzone - The Pop Up Wargaming & RPG Terrain System

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Pop Up Terrain System for Wargames, Miniatures Tabletop Games, RPGs, D&D and more! Setup in Seconds & Fold away completely flat!

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Recap, Spiel, Announcement.
3 months ago – Thu, Oct 07, 2021 at 09:27:59 PM

Hello Upzone backers!

It was really amazing seeing peoples reaction to Upzone at both GenCon and Origins. We had Upzone proudly on display and it is clear that people LOVE it even in its sample form. 


So many people stopped to see just exactly how Upzone worked. When I would reach over and simply fold one of the boards closed it was so satisfying seeing their mind be blown! " Wow, That is Epic!" 


As of now no new updates to the print schedule we are still on track! 

What is next?

Next we will be in Essen Germany for Spiel! and of course will will have Upzone on display! We are very exited to show as many people as possible this Epic terrain system! If you are going to be there please come visit our booth and say hi. Hall 5 Row C booth 130

Announcing an Upcoming Kickstarter

We are excited to announce we have an upcoming Kickstarter. A full world setting and adventure campaign for 5e, Dragon Thrones!

Dragon Thrones has been refined over the past 10 years as a live action gaming experience, building on the lore, fleshing out the story, and making history! Finally crafted in a experience for you to discover at your gaming table.

Click the link below to be notified on launch!

Dragon Thrones Kickstarter  

You are the best backers in the world!

Up in the Print Zone
4 months ago – Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 12:27:02 AM

Hello Upzone backers! 

We wanted to follow up on Update #37 and let you know what's been happening.  Upzone officially started printing AND we have a print schedule.  The schedule has it printing all the way into December/January. The long printing time is due to the intricacy of the printing, perfecting the samples, as well as and mostly the skilled workers needed for assembly. 

Upzone is so epic that we have to make sure each zone is done correctly and at a high quality - and because of Covid delays and print material shipping delays it has extended the manufacturing timeline. We are working with the printer to try and shorten the timeline any way we can and will follow up with an update if we get any news. But as of right now, it looks about 2-3 months late for delivery.  We will keep you up to date on all developments and look forward to getting Upzone in your hands as soon as possible. So Delivery which was originally for October, won't be until at least End of January 2022. We appreciate your support and patience! 

More Pictures of the samples soon! --- The zones are all good to go! Right now we just are reviewing the Samples for the insert instructions and the stretch goals :) 

Gen Con, Origins, Spiel...

Everything Epic will be at Gen Con and other upcoming conventions! If you are in attendance come say Hi and check out some of the Upzone Samples! Join us at GenCon Booth 229, Hall J.

With these being almost back to back, we may be a little slower getting back to comments and emails.  We will do our best to continue to engage, if we do not get back to you right away,  once we are back "in the office" we will follow up.

Pledge Manager will close soon!

PLEASE fill out your pledge manager we will be closing Backerkit Pledge Manager very soon! This is your last chance for adding extra zones to your pledge. We will announce when the pledge manager is closing in the next update. If you can help it do not delay and finalize your pledge. 

You're the Best Backers in the World!

Printing Update !
5 months ago – Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 06:26:08 AM

Hello Epic Upzone backers!

We wanted to give an update on what is happening with Upzone.  In a previous update we told you that we turned over files to the manufacturer. Since then we have received E-Proofs, made some adjustments, then had a sample sent to us that was not exactly what we wanted. After more back and forth we got the quality and engineering where it needs to be. After the adjustments we are very excited.  We know you are going to love it! 

What does this mean? 

We are at the PRINTER!   Upzone will start (if it hasn't already) to print and be manufactured! We are looking at around 50 days and then it gets prepped for freight from China. 

Pledge Manager will close soon!

As stated in the last update if you have not PLEASE fill out your pledge manager we will be closing backerkit soon and it is possible this is your last chance for adding extra zones to your pledge. 

We are so happy with Upzone becoming a reality that we have been testing new ideas and layouts and have big plans for the future. 

Thank you so much for your EPIC support!

You're the Best Backers in the World!

Manufacturing Beginning! About 60 days to complete!
6 months ago – Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 01:15:35 AM

Hey Upzoners & Epic Backers!

Manufacturing has Begun! 

It's been a couple crazy months of hard work, sample finalization, factory testing, and perfecting everything with our factories to make sure we have the best of the best working on Upzone! To ensure quality and get you the best possible end product, we had to push hard and get the best possible factory (which isn't the cheapest of course, but the best for you!) We went back and forth with 4 different factories until we made our final decision. Since it's such a new product, nothing is easy, but it's so worth it!!!! :) 

Our manufacturer is going to get started on your Upzone Terrain now and we're estimating them being done in about ~60 days! Upzone might only be printed materials, however, it's VERY labor intensive regarding the actual assembly of the product itself! There are MANY glue points and assembly points that must be adhered to in order to make sure that the quality is 100% the best possible that we can provide to you the backers! 

We are NOT printing in super high volume, the cost of the product is VERY high in order to get you the best quality, so, don't be surprised if you don't see many units of this ever hit retail stores and if they do, Upzone will be 150 USD or higher per zone! (We may not be able to put it to standard retail, it may only be available direct from Everything Epic's online store and our Amazon page) 

Next Steps ... Up, Up, and Upzone! 

Now that the files are being turned over to the manufacturer, and all sampling is done, we just sit back patiently and wait for final E-Proofs, approve those, then Physical Print Proofs, approve those, then final assembly and manufacturing then DONE! 

As we hit those milestones, we will keep you all updated! We're going to try to update you every milestone and every month from now on, to let you know of the progress! Once the product ships from China, it will be about a 45-60 day shipping period (depending on the status of Freight at that time, which currently is a mess in China). So it should arrive in the US / EU etc around October! If we hit any snags or slowdowns in production we will let you all know asap!

Upgrade your Pledge and Finish your Backerkit ASAP please! 

Lastly, if you have any desire to upgrade your pledge, now is the time! We have calculated our final quantities but they are NOT largely over the volume, so if you want any extra Upzone, be sure to get that order in SOONER rather than Later! :)

What's Next for Upzone? We have some EPIC plans! 

While it's manufacturing, we will be working on our next Upzone ZONES :) We will announce some of those ideas and teasers soon!

Thank you so much for your EPIC support!

You're the Best Backers in the World!

The Latest Samples have Arrived! New Pics! Production Starting SOON!
8 months ago – Sun, May 09, 2021 at 09:14:30 PM

Hey Backers! 

We're about to go into production! We've updated and perfected the Tab Protectors so that they're now Wider, Thicker and have a thick plastic tape on them that keeps them long-lasting!

Once we go into production, it will take about 3-4 Months to complete printing and assembly.  Where we are now, we're hoping to have the games ship from China at the end of August if all goes well! 

*Please excuse the color of my pics, I don't have a great lighting setup at home right now. 








Version 3 of the Dungeon Zone! After much testing and samples! The actual tiles and quantity of them are still subject to change. We're considering removing some of the thinner tiles and changing them to wider rooms so they'll sit flat better.  This would remove some of the thin long rooms, and add larger rooms which sit better. And we'd add hallway parts so you can customize those hallways and dungeon areas. We're still testing a few of those parts. We will keep you all updated on this as we move forward. But overall, it's looking EPIC! Setup in just a couple mins and breakdown in even less time! 

Just a SUPER fast Random Dungeon I made on my dining room table!
The Dungeon Zone is a FULL Dungeon in a BOX! :D

We're working VERY hard to make sure UPZONE is as EPIC as can be!

Thanks everyone for your support!

You're the Best Backers in the World!